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Even at a very young age, Lily was always entranced & inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the world all around her. Full with imagination and creativity, Lily designed her first jewelry collection in 1990. Much like her life, her jewelry reflects a sophisticated blend of the ethereal and material. Lily's beadwork is distinguished by her unique color sensitivity and delicate, intricate designs.


Intrigued by our senses, smell being the strongest, Lily was inspired to create a line of signature fragrances. Launched in 2003, her unique, soft, sexy, and exotic fragrances exude a chic and subtle force that is personal and feminine.

After spending the last two decades nurturing her creativity with jewelry design and fragrance, her passion for painting has never wavered. She channels her ever-restless creative energy into making beautiful, intricately detailed and unique abstract images.

Drawing inspiration from everything in nature, her love of numerology, and vintage designs, Lily Lambert grew to become an internationally recognized Jewelry Designer, Artist and Alchemist.

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